Marisa: TPE Sex Doll with an athletic build 170 cm
Marisa is a feisty blonde from Venezuela. She moved to the United States a couple of years ago, and works as a fitness instructor in Los Angeles. She specializes in `erotic fitness’ and teaches a lot of men how to...
$3,365.00 from $2,500.00
Leslie: Big Ass Big Tits Sex Doll Curvy TPE Sex Doll 160 cm
Admit it. The reason you clicked on Leslie’s profile is because you’re totally into dirty, sexy, playful little minxes. Nothing classy about this one. Fucking Leslie is like making your sleaziest, most powerfully arousing sex fantasies come true. “I know...
$3,699.00 from $2,999.00
Kathryn: Blonde Huge Tits TPE Sex Doll 170 cm
Kathryn is a Russian blonde from Moscow. She came to the United States to be a trainer and live the Big American Dream. While training with guys in Los Angeles, she learnt so much about their bodies that she decided...
$3,999.00 from $3,499.00
Isabel: Blonde Japanese Sex Doll TPE Sex Doll 140 cm
  Isabel is another one of our petite Oriental girls of Japanese origin. She has a small Asian body frame, but OMG! check out the plumpness of her delicious curves! See how perky her small, ripe little boobs are? And...
$2,450.00 from $1,950.00
Doris: Beautiful Black Sex Doll Dark Skin TPE Sex Doll 5 feet 6 inches tall (168 cm)
Doris is unashamedly and unreservedly, slutty. And she doesn’t care who knows it because she is perfectly comfortable in her sexuality. “I used to be a Lot Lizard by profession, working truck-stop parking lots to pick up customers,” she says...
from $2,699.00
Brunette Japanese Sex Doll Japanese Sex Doll TPE
This Asian princess has been waiting since puberty for you to come and make a real woman of her. Rachel is a Japanese virgin, who has been saving her chastity because she wants to experience the true joys of sex...
$2,999.00 from $2,500.00
Big Ass Sex Doll Curvy TPE Sex Doll 160 cm
We’re certain you’re too busy staring at her tits to care, but the girl who owns these massive beauties is called Kasandra. Having such large breasts is a mixed blessing for this girl. “Of course, I love all the hot...
$2,999.00 from $2,599.00
Big Tits Sex Doll Curvy TPE Sex Doll with big boobs and wide ass
Ah, Katy… The tall, willowy blonde with big, wet, kissable lips… The first thing you should know about Katy is that she is famous! She was one of the top dolls in the world, who got featured at an `infamous’ Sex...
$3,500.00 from $2,699.00
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