20 Frequency 3 Speed Rotation Male Masturbator Cup Automatic Artificial Vagina

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For something completely different from your usual hand job, here’s 20 Frequency 3 Speed Rotation Male Masturbator Cup. A sex toy pussy that can bring you endless nights of fantasies and pleasure!

  • Comfortable for the penis
  • With cum sucking action
  • Eliminates squeezing too hard
  • Provides reduced friction, less chafing.
  • Massages your cock penis like a vagina

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It jiggles, shakes, licks, and spank your penis, stimulating you in new levels different from manual masturbation. It really provides tons of enjoyable days that also help you train so you last longer in sex.

Product Specifications

Brand Name: Little Adam Sex Toys Cyclone 2
Color: Purple Black
Material: Silicone
Power by: USB Rechargeable
Item Type: Masturbators
Frequency: 3 speed 12 frequency rotating
Size: 205mmx 80mm


  • Artificial Vagina Vibrator
  • Sex Toy for Men
  • Fully Automatic
  • High Speed Adjustable Function
  • Penis Massager
  • Sex Product Real Like Pussy
  • 180 Degrees Rotate Hands Free Cup
  • Oral Pocket Cup
  • Cock stroker
  • Suction On Off function
  • Adjustable tightness rings


Product Description

You’ll definitely be impressed on how it’s well created. It’s strong case and numerous functions makes it the best masturbator cup right now.

Thrust inside and it’s as close as wild sex can get, most certainly, a lot better than your hands.

This male masturbator fulfill the two functions: To make you feel good like having sex. To make your masturbation easy and exciting. This sex toy help you have an exciting way to relieve yourself of any sexual tension and desire you have.

Though you can naturally rub your penis while enjoying a sex scene or clip, you can finish an excellent wank with this pussy stroker. You have no shortage of losing your hardness and it will continue to stimulate you until you decide to cum.

The grip on the outside of the case is fantastic as it comes with rubberized feel, so there’s no slip while in use. This means that you can securely hold, with either hands. It has hard plastic-type casing that’s sturdy to hold.

This masturbator sex toy is also easy to clean. No need to be nervous regarding this, that your semen would get stuck. It’s very simple to remove the internal skin and have it washed in running water.

As a man who wants an improved sexual performance and get over sex anxiety, used it to your benefit and advantage. You’ll start feeling getting loaded with cum again. If it has been challenging for you to last longer in bed, this is a great device to help you have longer duration.

Consider it the viable alternative when you get tired of masturbation with hands.

The range of suction, speeds and frequencies makes it one the best masturbator device for single men and even couples looking for additional kinky foreplays.

If you’re wanting something that’s portable and doesn’t look like a sex toy when you travel, this is the male sex masturbation product for you. It’s pretty awesome, for a masturbator and pussy stroker. You will love the tightness

Why bore yourself in same hand routine in masturbation, when you have a helpful sex device to bring you new undefined pleasure?

Get your own 20 Frequency 3 Speed Rotation Male Masturbator Cup Artificial Vagina Here!

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20 Frequency 3 Speed Rotation Male Masturbator Cup Automatic Artificial Vagina
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