4pcs Fast Growth Herbal Developpe Penis Enlargement Oil Essential

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Name : Men penis enlargement oils 3pcs/lot
Water, Glycerin, three Xin Jing, Wushan epimedium extractGinseng root extract, sea choline, cinnamon bark extract, phenoxyethanol, hydrazine propyl benzene

Men penis enlargement, thickening, growth, extend the time for sex, the penis quickly uprooted help solve frigidity, treatment of premature ejaculation, impotence, etc.

1 bath wash the penis with soap, hotTowel wrapped penis 2-3Minutes, then drop 10 drops of essence in men\'s private parts Care penis and scrotumOn handMassage for 3-5 minutes until completely absorbed;
2. sex30 minutes before removing the essence of men\'s private parts on the glans penis coronary droplets, the penis rapidly increasing congestion uprooted, allow yourself to be a positive with charmThe man

General use 1-3 months , 4 bottles of a cycle, the proposed purchase of 4 bottles of continuous use, effective governance impotence and premature ejaculation, let yourPenis growth 2-5CM, now buy a complimentary gift, please under the single payment



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4pcs Fast Growth Herbal Developpe Penis Enlargement Oil Essential
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