Back Massager Handheld Cordless

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  • DEEP TISSUE MUSCLE MASAAGE: Handheld back massager with a extremely powerful motor up to 3,700 times per minute.High-frequency massage can effectively help you relieve aches and discomforts in your shoulders, back, neck, joints, foot, leg, and calves.
  • PERCUSSION BACK MASSAGER: Upgraded back massager handheld weighs only 1.65 lbs, say goodbye to a weak and bulky massager body.You can easily pick up this back massage gun to massage your back - Relieves stiff knotty muscles, make your back pain relief in seconds.
  • VERSATILE HANDHELD MASSAGER: Handheld back massager comes with 5 massage heads to provide targeted relax massage for every body muscles group.Infinitely variable speed gives you more choices. You can choose any speed that meets your needs to speed up muscle recovery or simply wish to relax muscles.
  • CORDLESS RECHARGEABLE MASSAGER: Body massager is equipped with 2200mAh high-quality lithium battery, providing over than 120 minutes of service time after fully charged. You can use it at home, office or on the go.For your safety, it CAN'T turn on while charging.
  • MASSAGE GIFTS FOR EVERYONE: Handheld back massager is suitable for mom, dad, wife, husband, sister, brother, friends, athlete, worker, anyone needs relaxation. We are responsible for all quality issues, whether it is for personal use or as gifts, you can buy VALGELUIK massager without worry.

Part Number: JH-B6-V

Details: VALGELUIK Electric Percussion Back Massager Handheld with extended non-slip silicone handle will knock 3,700 pulses per minute into your muscles every minute, up to 120-240 minutes long-lasting Li-ion battery,and 1.65 lbs of massager body weight.It can give your back, neck, shoulders, foot, leg, calves and joints enough intensity deep tissue massage, effectively help you to speed up muscle relax,relieve pain and stiffness. 5 Massage-Head, Different Experiences, Multi-site Deep Massage ✔Acupuncture massage Simulate acupuncture massage stimulate specific parts with multiple points,such as feet, palms, legs and other parts ✔Multi-point massage Simulated acupressure massage designed for large area massage, multi-touch massage is evenly distributed,such as shoulders, back, waist, hips, legs ✔U-shaped massage Simulated tapping massage simulating hand tapping massage with uniform intensity,such as arms, thighs and other curved parts ✔Three-point massage Simulated shiatsu massage, three-point triangle massage, three-pronged approach,such as shoulders, back, neck, arms, legs, feet and other parts ✔Single-point massage Simulated hammering massage, single point massage, one-to-one massage,such as lactic acid accumulation position after exercise Portable Cordless Rechargeable Percussion Massager VALGELUIK Electric Back Massager Handheld has a built-in battery which means that it can be used anywhere.2200mAh high-quality lithium battery can provide over than 120 minutes deep tissue massage after fully charged.Please note:For your safety, it CAN'T turn on while charging. Enjoy a Relaxing Massage From Now On! A high-frequency percussion massage will help you to relax your body muscles, promote blood circulation, increase joint flexibility. A deep tissue massage has been proved to have positive effects on the human body by reducing stress,muscle tension and stiffness.

Package Dimensions: 17.4 x 7.0 x 3.0 inches

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Back Massager Handheld Cordless
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