Easy Love Automatic Male Masturbator Cup Electric Artificial Vagina Stroker - Men Guide Store
Easy Love Automatic Male Masturbator Cup Electric Artificial Vagina Stroker - Men Guide Store
Easy Love Automatic Male Masturbator Cup Electric Artificial Vagina Stroker - Men Guide Store
Easy Love Automatic Male Masturbator Cup Electric Artificial Vagina Stroker - Men Guide Store

Easy Love Automatic Male Masturbator Cup Electric Artificial Vagina Stroker

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Experience variety of sex positions with this Automatic Masturbator Anal Oral Vagina Stroker. Do it hands free and fulfill your deepest sexual fantasies!

  • High quality male masturbator
  • Anal, Oral and Vaginal Sex
  • Multi speed, tightening function
  • Flexible angles for variety of sex positions

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You have your sexual needs, and masturbation is the most beautiful thing you can do with yourself. Using this Rechargeable Vaginal Masturbation Cup can relieve your sex urges and bring you the most exciting sexual experience you only imagined.

With modes of quick thrust, use it anytime and anywhere you like. It has the super stretchy entry hole, while the dimensions of the male masturbator are fit enough to accept your dick. Recommended use with lash of lube provides you for a better masturbation experience than your mere hands.


  • Compact ABS exterior & ultra soft material
  • 100% body-safe TPE interior
  • Multiple piston motion per minute
  • Range of thrusting patterns & vibration modes
  • Lifelike soft elastic structure, enhances friction on penis
  • Brings you all-around stimulation
  • Firm and the strong suction cup base
  • Allows hands free masturbation, for any session anytime.
  • Rechargeable magnetic charging port

Tips For Use:

  • If the product is not in use for a long time, charge for better function
  • When it runs out of power, charge immediately to prevent drain.
  • Unplug the charging cable after fully charge to avoid overcharging.
  • Keep your masturbator away from heat and dirt.
  • The electronic component is not waterproof. Do not immerse it in water.
  • Do not wash the cup or let any liquid into electrical to avoid short circuit.
  • If necessary, remove the inner component.
  • Keep device clean before and after use
  • Simply clean with soap and rinse off with running water.

Product Description:

This remarkable male adult sex toy has adjustable speeds, with buttons that speed up and slow it down for you to experience variety of sensations. With regards to the inner chamber, if it’s tight, wraps around your shaft well, mostly on average girth size. For men with an average size cock, it does wrap around snugly.

It gets the job done, so fiddle around with the positioning, so you get to the point where it makes it worthwhile. The masturbator has different types of modes, so you can cycle through that with plenty of stimulation. It even has an easy to remove inserts, so rinse off your juice after use.

If you’re at home by your lonesome and you want some enjoyment, this is a great masturbation tool. You’ll feel that every use is just like a date with the “5 sisters” that just won’t stop giving you anal sex, vaginal sex, and blowjobs!

If you have been looking for an auto-masturbation device, this is a titillating and pleasurable experience!

This pleasure device serves a great purpose, without your hands doing all the work and getting tired. Using it is relatively easy, you just charge it, pop the top, turn on, insert your member, and just enjoy yourself. The different modes and speeds set this apart. It has an excellent simulation, that mimics real skin from women. You got yourself a girl who knows what they’re doing!

Use a water-based lubricant, and when you’ve cum, just pop the sleeve and then clean it. Don’t forget to air dry before you put it back and store until next use. Entirely dry before you put it back, so it doesn’t develop mold or something as gross.

This men’s sex toy has a nice feeling in the interior; while the motion is not as picky about the position and angle you use, which is worthwhile as a feature.

Try entering it at a particular angle, at some length inside. Then start applying pressure in some way. There’s also a warm-up pace to that “sucking”, which prepares you for more extended sessions. The device is a great tool to train your stamina and ability to last longer in bed.

Hands down, this is the best toy that you can get. By far the next best thing to real sex, especially if you’re single and your tired of your hands. With this masturbator, you don’t have to beg your girlfriend or wife for sex. It needs no asking, just slip it on, and cum!!! Gives you an unforgettable and exceptional evening every time!!!

Save yourself from frustrations of awkward or zero sex life; this gets you there quickly and as often as you want.

It has very soft material, built to last, and quick to be cleaned and ready for action. The suction cup sticks very good where you need and stays for the ride. Use lube and relax without having to do all the work. Angle it in different positions, close your eyes, and visualize your innermost sexual fantasies!!!

If you are looking for an automatic pocket pussy, the Easy Love Male Sex Masturbator is definitely worth it! Get your sex toy now!


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