Male Electro Sex Prostate Massager

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This is the New efficient self-service home physical treatment of prostate disease. Treatment with exercise, enhance bladder sphincter detrusor function. Promote the blood circulation of prostate and urinary organ pipe cleansing, accelerate the pathogenic microorganisms and metabolites excreted and the absorption of inflammation, swelling of the prostate body becomes small. It boosts pulse activation, perineum point, makes the hypothalamic pituitary axis feedback effect much better,regulating the level of sex hormone secretion,inhibit abnormal proliferation. Prostatic diseases and diseases caused by frequent urination,dysuria symptoms in the short term can obviously improve. To improve the reaction speed, increase the endocrine, enhance sexual pleasure, increase the lumbosacral reflex intensity has obvious effect.



Prostate Massagers help increase blood circulation.The cause of almost 99% prostate problems is the lack of blood flow.

Promote blood circulation of urinary system organ and prostate gland

Accelerate adduction of pathogenic microbes and metabolite and absorption of inflammation.

High quality exercise for the bladder sphincter and detrusor.





Size:11.5x3.4x3x2 CM

Battery:1pc AA battery ( include)



Wash the apparatus before use, with 75% of medical alcohol disinfectant scrub and apply a small amount of lubricant for better usage

Wash after each use and air dry.

Always use a lubricant (water-based recommended) for the maximum comfort.

Product does not contain batteries.

Always use a lubricant (water-based recommended) for the maximum comfort.


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Male Electro Sex Prostate Massager
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