PALOQUETH Personal Lubricants Water Based Lubricant For Women

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  • 1 Year Unconditional Refund Guarantee: If for whatever reason you do not want your item within 1 year of receiving it, you may contact us for refund. Paloqueth will never fail you.
  • Personal lubricant is long lasting and not sticky and or tacky like most water based lubes, yet thick enough you get it where you want it.
  • PALOQUETH lube for women does not have any weird chemical smell and it does not leave a dark stain on clothes or sheets.
  • Best quality with an excellent price. You can look up prices for other name brands and KY-Jelly, and most of them are more expensive for less lube.
  • Laboratory and Clinically Tested: Each ingredient is carefully chosen to keep the delicate pH balance of the vagina intact while boosting intimate pleasure.

Water-based lubricants are the most widely used lubricants, and they are specially formulated for a totally natural feel. Paloqueth water based lube gives additional moisture and ensures long lasting lubrication, as well as caring for and protects dry, stressed skin as it goes on super slippery and stays that way longer than other lubes to intensify your comfort and satisfaction.

One of the biggest benefits of using water-based lubricants is that they are water-soluble. The simple ingredients also make it a body-safe option for you: clear, odorless, flavorless and spermicide-free -- the purest formula ever! Just a tiny amount of Paloqueth water lube goes a long way! And water based makes cleanup so much easier because lube can be washed off your body or sheet almost effortlessly.

Using lube can be a simple and easy way to enjoy a more satisfying life: our lubricant is non-sticky and non greasy which is ideal for everyday use. It stays in place where you want it, lasts longer and creates a more enjoyable experience!


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PALOQUETH Personal Lubricants Water Based Lubricant For Women
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