Peppermint Essential Oil 4 Oz

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY PEPPERMINT OIL: 100% pure, gentle and effective natural peppermint essential oil. No toxins, additives. Unfiltered and undiluted. Therapeutic grade. Steam distilled. Non GMO. Sourced from India. Packaged & bottled in the USA.
  • YOU DESERVE THE BEST:  UpNature was founded by two brothers, with a vision to provide 100% all natural products, for easy, effective & natural solutions for health & well-being, so everyone can live happier and healthier lives.
  • NATURAL REPELLENT FOR INSECTS & RODENTS:  No more insects & rodents after using peppermint oil. It will make them all go away, naturally & peacefully.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Reduces headaches and migraines. Relieves muscle aches and pains. Keeps insects away. Helps to improve breath & focus. Peppermint oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic.
  • A MUST-HAVE HOUSEHOLD ITEM: Perfect for use around the home and the office. Can make your home smell wonderfully. Soak yourself in a bath after applying some drops of peppermint oil to your body to relax your skin and enjoy the aroma. Use peppermint oil spray to wash kitchen counters and surfaces for a nice scent.

By Using Peppermint Oil You Can Directly Enjoy The Following Health Benefits 
 Naturally repel insects and rodents. Use Peppermint Oil as a natural insecticide and insect repellent, without the harm of any pesticides and dangerous ingredients found in many products in the market. 
 Reduces Headaches & Migraines: Peppermint Oil is known to help relax strained blood vessels therefore preventing or relieving headaches and migraines. 
 Prevent colds - Applying Peppermint Oil to a cold sore may help reduce the pain and speed up the healing process. 
✔ Treat respiratory problems & breathe much easier - Conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, pneumonia, sinusitis and even tuberculosis can be relived simply by inhaling steam with added Peppermint Oil. 
✔ Relieves Stress: The aroma of Peppermint Oil has been studied for its possible deep relaxation for the body and mind. 
✔ Improves Hair Health: Peppermint Oil may help with stopping hair loss, in addition to promoting hair growth, as well as being an ideal moisturizer. 
✔ Reduce Fever: An excellent natural treatment to bring down a fever especially in children.

Complimentary eBook
To make sure that you get the most out of your Peppermint Essential Oil, a free eBook "Peppermint Oil For Beginners" is included, available as a digital download immediately after purchase.

100% Money Back Guarantee 
"We're so confident that you'll love our peppermint oil, that we're even willing to offer a no questions asked, 100% one year (365 days) money back guarantee. We will pay for the shipping back as well. Our goal and mission is for you to enjoy the item you buy."

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Peppermint Essential Oil 4 Oz
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