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Sex Position Pillow Sex Toys For Couple Relaxing Pillows Love Cushion - Men Guide Store

Sex Position Pillow Sex Toys For Couple Relaxing Pillows Love Cushion

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Thrust your way to sexual ecstasy with this Sex Position Pillow for Couples. Best pillow ramp if you or your partner have have back problems and y’all want to do various sex positions.

  • Best pillow for sex positions
  • Perfect for those with back issues
  • Comfortable, smooth, soft
  • Safe, hygienic sex cushion

Spice up your sex life with this Sex Pillow Wedge! Get it here!!!

If you’ve always wanted to explore different sex positions, but suffer from back problems, you can use this Sex Position Pillow Ramp to provide you comfort and ease the tension.

Rev up your sex life, you won’t go wrong in sex pillows as they provide you the soft cushion and angle when you or your partner go for wild positions!

Product Specification

Material: PVC plush, sponge
Size: 470 x 340 x 160mm
Color: Red


  • Discover insanely awesome sex positions
  • High quality premium sex pillow
  • Excite your sex life in many ways
  • Possible, comfortable, adventurous sex techniques
  • Spark back to your sexual relationships
  • Super soft velour cover with subtle sophisticated design – no need to hide it
  • Waterproof inner liner keeps the pillow clean and hygienic

Product Description

Call ’em sex furniture or sex pillows, the main objective of these is to provide a soft cushion and lift so you or your lover don’t experience back strain.

It can help you maneuver in your favorite sex positions without hurting your waist, back, shoulders, hips, legs, arms, knees, neck.

You should be able to explore sex styles that you might not thought of doing. It can provide more depth when you thrust and heighten sensations to your sex adventures.

Sex pillows provides just the right angle and height for deeper vaginal or anal penetration without straining your body.

Inspired by modern contemporary design, the pillow fits smoothly into your bedroom. No need to hide this out-of-sight, just leave it on the room. You can even just lie, rest and relax your back on it.

Use the angle cushion as a reading pillow in daylight, then use it afterwards for love making activities in night time.

The Ramp Sex Position Pillow is designed for low or non maintenance. It’s soft, with an outer tush cover. Made from medical grade foam, this sex pillow product provides the comfort you need when ‘get jiggy with it’.

Take your romance to the next phase with the Sex Position Pillow Love Cushion, a sophisticated sex pillow that should be part of your sex accessories and collections. Get it here now!!!