Wireless Remote Control Electric Shock Sex Toys

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Material: ABS
Color: Black as the picture shows
Size: as the picture shows
Include:1 pc* Power Box
One pc *remote control (it comes without battery and use manual )

Electronic shock therapy
Stimulate the backflow of lymph
Body massage, Relieve fatigue, Promote blood circulation.
It is electro shock accessory, use with another accessory, need to buy accessory separately.

1. After the controller and host install battery, led light on them will flash 2 seconds, then off.
2. When turn on the controller or host, should keep press 3 seconds "ON" button or Power button
3. " Auto " choose it, the host will work six modes in order automatically cycle
4. " + " increase the strength, first time turn on the host, the strength is " 0", according to your need to increase strength
5." - " reduce the strength
6. " NUMB " the specific function for massage
7. "Mode: include six modes, exchange it according to you're like
8. Each time host receives the signal from the controller, the light on it will flash.

How to use :
1. Install battery for controller and host.
2. Connect electro shock accessory to the host, then wear it on the body.
3. Turn on the controller and host at the same time, press the " Mode" button, if the light on the host flash, it means the host and the controller are matched successfully.
4. Press "+" to adjust the strength to enjoy the electrical stimulation.

Notice :
1. The current intensity of the host is large, do not recommend new buyers buy.
2. Don't use it more than 30 mins on same body part each time
3. If feel not comfortable during the message, please stop playing
4. Following conditions should be used with caution: Malignant tumors, Infectious Diseases. Menstrual period and pregnant women, aborted women, children and minors disabled, heart disease cannot be placed near the heart, Fever flu body uncomfortable

Note: this Wireless Remote Control has stronger electroshock feeling, if you are the new player, please consider carefully.
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Wireless Remote Control Electric Shock Sex Toys
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